Who are we?

We believe that every Cambodian should have the opportunity to turn away from the fear and striving of Buddhism and receive freedom and forgiveness in Christ. They cannot do this if they have never heard the gospel! We are followers of Jesus seeking to see every village in Cambodia reached with the gospel. We work towards this through two main initiatives— church planting trainings and a digital strategy called Media to Movement (M2M).

Why Cambodia?

The vast majority of Cambodia’s population has never heard the good news of Jesus. Most of our friends and neighbors make regular offerings to “spirit houses” in an effort to appease spirits. They believe these spirits control their wellbeing. According to their Buddhist worldview, problems they face are either because of karma (a direct consequence of their sin or mistakes) or evil spirits. Believing in re-incarnation, they try to do good works in order to have a better “next life.” As for the problem of sin, there is always a fear that they will never be able to make enough offerings to earn forgiveness.

According to peoplegroups.org, 98.2% of Cambodia’s population (16.3 million people) is in an unreached people group. This means that they have likely never heard the good news of Jesus.

Pray with Us

Join us in unceasing prayer for God to be glorified in Cambodia, for the lost to be evangelized, and for believers to be equipped to multiply disciples and churches.

Contact Us

We look forward to collaborating with like-minded laborers to raise up prayer for Cambodia. Contact us if you would like to join us in mobilizing prayer and sharing answered prayer stories.



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